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Houston’s Independent Testing Lab

DynaQual is a Houston-based independently operated reliability test lab providing custom testing services and support to the oil & gas, medical, transport, aerospace and electromechanical manufacturing industries.

We provide test apparatus and expertise to help engineering and manufacturing teams dramatically increase the reliability of their electrical and mechanical systems. We perform tests during product design & development, materials evaluation, and technology qualification through independent testing, to assure product reliability at the design phase. Of equal importance for product reliability is our stress screening services of manufactured products to assure quality off the production line. A specialty of DynaQual has been the re-qualification of field equipment back to as-new condition.

DynaQual provides responsive, customer-focused service. Test programs are developed to meet the needs of the end customer with detailed reporting and consistent follow up.

Since DynaQual began operations in 2012, we have successfully conducted testing services for more than 50 companies. These tests have included:

  • Electronic assembly testing
  • Electromechanical assembly testing
  • Downhole equipment reliability testing
  • Elastomer material evaluation
  • Independent evaluation of competing vendor products
  • Demonstration of reliability witnessed by end customers
  • MIL spec and ASME/IEEE specified qualification tests
  • Transportation qualification tests

Technical Links

IEST DynaQual’s HALT/HASS Partner – Qualmark

IEST IEST – Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology

IEST ISO 17025 - Accreditation coming mid-year

What’s happening at DynaQual

Pressure Testing: Our new Pressure vessel is rated for 40,000 PSI at both ambient and 220°C. This new offering from DynaQual Test Labs enables pressure tests in either oil or water medium and provides product monitoring and data logging during testing. Our Hyperbaric Chamber accommodates products up to 6” I.D and 30” in length. Request a Quote today and discover more about this exciting new offering from DynaQual under Testing Services, Pressure Testing. 
Flow Loop: Run in cooperation with Teledrill, DynaQual Test Labs provide Flow Loop services to its customers looking to test down-hole technologies requiring simulated flow. This provides customers the ability to monitor their tools and receive plots and data points from various mediums including water and mud with LCM additives. Additionally DynaQual has the ability to monitor vibration outputs with additional test equipment if required. DynaQual provides data following testing, which gives the customer a realistic picture of overall tool performance. Click Here to learn more or Request a Quote Today!
Combination Testing: Many of our customers have benefited from combined test services through DynaQual Test Labs. The benefits of this aid the engineer in further identifying strengths, weaknesses and overall operating limits for the technology. By combining tests, will be able to provide a comprehensive and precise test plan to complete your product qualification. Request your combination testing services today by obtaining a Quote and receive a discount on pairing services. Or click HERE to see what tests DynaQual Test Labs can help you with today.