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Houston’s Independent Testing Lab

DynaQual is a Houston-based independently operated reliability test lab providing custom testing services and support to the oil & gas, medical, transport, aerospace and electromechanical manufacturing industries. We provide responsive, customer-focused testing services, which meet the needs of the end customer with detailed reporting and consistent follow up.

DynaQual provides testing expertise with goals to dramatically increase the reliability of electrical and mechanical systems during the design, development, and production phases.  Additionally, our screening of production equipment helps to guarantee product viability in the field and reduce warranty costs.

Since DynaQual began operations in 2012, we have successfully conducted testing services for more than 150 companies. The areas of testing have included:

  • Aerospace and Medical Product Qualification
  • Transport Package Tests
  • Independent Evaluation of Competing Vendors Products
  • Downhole Oil & Gas Equipment Reliability Tests
  • Various MIL-STD, IEC, ISO Test Specifications.
  • Numerous Custom Test Specifications.

Technical Links

IEST DynaQual’s HALT/HASS Partner – Qualmark

IEST IEST – Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology

IEST ISO 17025 - Accreditation coming mid-year

What’s happening at DynaQual

Coming Summer 2016:
ISO17025 Accreditation

DynaQual Test Labs is currently obtaining accreditation for ISO17025 through Perry Johnson Lab.

April 2016:
DynaQual to Exhibit at SpaceCom 2016

DynaQual Test Labs have signed up to exhibit at SpaceCom 2016 November 15-17. Join us for this exciting new aerospace conference. Learn More About Spacecom

January 2016:
DynaQual Launches Pressure Testing
Our new Pressure vessel is rated for 40,000 PSI at both ambient and 220°C. This new offering from DynaQual Test Labs enables pressure tests in either oil or water medium and provides product monitoring and data logging during testing. Our Hyperbaric Chamber accommodates products up to 5 3/4” O.D and 30” in length. Request a Quote today and discover more about this exciting new offering from DynaQual under Testing Services, Pressure Testing.