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Houston’s Independent Testing Lab

DynaQual is a Houston-based independently operated reliability test lab providing custom testing services and support to the oil & gas, medical, transport, aerospace and electromechanical manufacturing industries.

We provide test apparatus and expertise to help engineering and manufacturing teams dramatically increase the reliability of their electrical and mechanical systems. We perform tests during product design & development, materials evaluation, and technology qualification through independent testing, to assure product reliability at the design phase. Of equal importance for product reliability is our stress screening services of manufactured products to assure quality off the production line. A specialty of DynaQual has been the re-qualification of field equipment back to as-new condition.

DynaQual provides responsive, customer-focused service. Test programs are developed to meet the needs of the end customer with detailed reporting and consistent follow up.

Since DynaQual began operations in 2012, we have successfully conducted testing services for more than 50 companies. These tests have included:

  • Electronic assembly testing
  • Electromechanical assembly testing
  • Downhole equipment reliability testing
  • Elastomer material evaluation
  • Independent evaluation of competing vendor products
  • Demonstration of reliability witnessed by end customers
  • MIL spec and ASME/IEEE specified qualification tests
  • Transportation qualification tests

Technical Links

IEST DynaQual’s HALT/HASS Partner – Qualmark

IEST IEST – Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology

IEST ISO 17025 - Accreditation coming mid-year

What’s happening at DynaQual

DynaQual acquires Qualmark typhoon4 Inferno HALT chamber - 01.25.12
DynaQual acquires Qualmark typhoon4 Inferno HALT chamber”. DynaQual has entered into a partner lab agreement with Qualmark out of Denver. The two companies have deployed their high temperature HALT Chamber to provide testing services to the Houston market. See more under HALT Testing Services
Introducing New Shock Services - 11.01.13
DynaQual has added a new Shock Testing service. The addition of a VST-600 system is now operational and offering commercial testing support to its customers. The technology allows for a broad range of shock stress tests with amplitudes reaching 2000Gpeak and ½ mSec. in duration on payloads up to 600 lbs. This service is an excellent complement to the already available Vibration testing services. Custom fixtures are available for mounting a wide range of products on a 30”x30” table with adaptors to put long tubular up to 7’ long on the table in the vertical axis. See more under Testing Services, Vibration/Shock.
DynaQual Welcomes Fred Trask - 05.28.13
Fred joins DynaQual as Lab Manager offering over 25 years’ experience in the testing area within the Oil & Gas service sector. Fred will be responsible for all day to day operations at the lab and will act as the technical support representative to our customers. Fred gained his experience working in various technical and reliability roles at Schlumberger, Pathfinder, and WellDynamics, to name a few.
DynaQual commissions new Vibration and Shock Service - 09.05.12
DynaQual is now offering Vibration and Shock Testing services. Their new 15,400 F-lb ETS ElectroDynamic Shaker system provides a diverse offering with the ability to test products of all sizes and shapes. The system has a 5'x5' slip table for accommodating larger products and can provide 20Grms with product weights up to 350lbs. See more under Testing Services, Vibration/Shock