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  • Do your customers require independent testing?
  • Are your warranty costs rising?
  • Are your products failing at too high a rate?
  • Is your reliability program in need of an update?
  • Do you need to outsource testing to keep your project on schedule?
  • Do you need independent professional testing of manufactured products?
  • Is it time to re-qualify your in service fleet of tools/equipment?

DynaQual's Mission

DynaQual Test Labs delivers customized qualification testing services for electronic and mechanical systems. We provide a complete offering of temperature, vibration, shock and pressure test systems to perform a full range of environmental qualification testing to meet industry or customer-defined standards.

DynaQual provides responsive, customer-focused service. In most cases, we complete test reports of results to our customers within one week (View sample test report). For immediate evaluation of results, DynaQual provides all raw data, profiles and test photos on a thumb drive at the completion of the test. DynaQual is the ideal company to outsource your manufacturing testing with flexible hours of service available for rapid turn-around.

Many customer test facilities have demanding schedules to cover both engineering and production related test plans. It is common for these combined schedules to cause backlogs. DynaQual can support these groups by taking on the backlog of testing. DynaQual also wishes to enhance the customer service experience by providing remote login to observe testing from the customer's office. This can be offered for those projects where the project lead is not required to be at the lab or if a supervisor would like to observe real-time action of a critical test.

Meet DynaQual's Team

Executive & Sales

Bob Joyce

President :: Bob Joyce :: bjoyce@DynaQual.com

Bob Joyce is co-owner and President of DynaQual. Bob has more than 30 years of experience in upstream oil and gas operations, quality assurance and technology development. He has worked as a wireline and logging-while-drilling field engineer, product development manager, and business development manager for Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, MicroTesla, and Welltec. Bob has a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick in Canada.


Fred Trask

Lab Manager :: Fred Trask :: ftrask@DynaQual.com

Fred Trask has over 25 years of experience in the oil field services sector, including more than 20 years in testing and measurement. Fred is an industry expert in HALT/HASS, shock, vibration and temperature testing processes for down-hole and associated surface hardware and electronics.

Bill Burt

Sr. Lab Technician :: Bill Burt :: bburt@DynaQual.com

Bill Burt has more than 30 years of experience as an electronic technician, primarily with Schlumberger, involving manufacturing and repair electronic and mechanical downhole tools and surface equipment.