Flow Loop Testing Services

DynaQual Test Labs now provides Flow Loop services in Houston. In cooperation with Teledrill, DynaQual operates this service for customers wishing to evaluate down-hole technologies requiring a simulated flow regime. The location is on the west side of town near the intersection of W. Little York and Barker Cypress.

Flow Loop Applications

By utilizing a Flow Loop, you can accomplish a variety of goals:

1. New Product qualification – New pulser designs can be evaluated at various flow rates
2. Surface System Evaluation – New software programs can be checked out for signal detection
3. Tool Diagnostics – Simulate down hole conditions without the need to tie up a customer's rig.
4. Technology Comparisons – Evaluate various technologies under controlled conditions.Flow Loop Testing Services - Dynaqual

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Download DynaQual Flow Loop Services Spec Data Brochure

Flow Loop Applications

The Flow Loop Service includes the following:

  • 400 HP Caterpillar diesel engine
  • Pneumatically controlled transmission
  • EW 446 pump
  • 3 ½", 4" & 6" liners available
  • 4 – 1000gal tanks for water, mud, LCM. Two have agitation
  • 3 coils of tubing, 2" OD, ~15,000'
  • Pressure transducers above and below tool (5000 psi)
  • Air conditioned working area in trailer
  • 5000 lb. capacity fork lift
  • Work area secured
  • Spare fuel onsite

Flow Loop Services

FR = Friction Reducer, OF-2302HB mixed at 1 gal/1000 gal water

Coiled Tube Reels - Flow Loop Testing from Dynaqual

Coiled Tubing Reels (15,000 ft.)

Flow Loop Testing Mud Tank - Dynaqual
Mud Tank (Four 1000 gal. segments)

EW-446 Caterpillar and Triplex Pump
EW-446 Caterpillar and Triplex Pump

Let us know if you don’t see the testing you need. DynaQual is planning to add complementary testing services such as Pressure, Calibration, X-ray, etc. We would like to hear from you regarding your interest obtaining these other testing services at our Houston location. Please use the inquiry form in the Contact Us tab to submit your request.