Pressure Testing Services

Service Description:  Hyperbaric Chamber
Dimensions:  6” internal diameter, 30” internal length
Pressure Rating:  40,000 psi
Temperature Rating:  ambient to +220°C


Other Service Features:

  1. Simultaneous data logging of temperature and pressure.
  2. Oil or water medium provided
  3. 19 pin Kemlon pressure feed-thru for product monitoring
  4. All equipment is certified to ANSI standards
30inch Pressure Vessel with Heating System
30 in. Pressure Vessel with Heating System

Chamber Heating Elements 220 Degrees Celcius
Chamber Heating Elements 220°C

Pressure Control Cart with Data Logger
Pressure Control Cart with Data Logger

Watlow Thermal Control Panel
Watlow Thermal Control Panel

See the Pressure Chamber Dimensions Specifications Chart

Let us know if you don’t see the testing you need. DynaQual is planning to add complementary testing services such as Pressure, Calibration, X-ray, etc. We would like to hear from you regarding your interest obtaining these other testing services at our Houston location. Please use the inquiry form in the Contact Us tab to submit your request.